Winery Tour - Can Rafols

Winery Tour - Can Rafols

The landscape around Sitges is surrounded by extense vineyards and wineries that make this route even more beautiful. Experience the thrill and charm of vineyards, solitary roads, mild weather and soft climbs. While visiting wine factories you’ll feel like being in a very privileged place.


Winery Can Ràfols dels Caus is a winery in the heart of Garraf. One of the most singular and attractive vineyards in Europe. Incrusted into the rock of the Garraf, totally integrated in the landscape , with several different levels. With this objective and focusing on the details, the ultimate design is a winery that is completely invisible from the outside The guide will explain you more about the hidden secrets of this 17st century farmhouse and she'll escort you during the guided tour.

  • Price Range: From 80€
  • Duration: From 4h to 5h
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: From 60 to 80km
  • Route type: ROAD
  • Elevation: From 600 to 1000m

What's included:

Guided Tour.

Winery Tour / Can Rafols dels Caus

Tasting 3 most famous wines.

Appetizer with locals products

Transfer to Sitges.

* The prices stated above cover the cost of the tour, starting and ending in Sitges. However, we offer pick up and drop off from Barcelona for an additional 50€.

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From 80€

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Winery Tour - Can Rafols

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